ENOVENTUM Privacy Policy

Data collection: method and purpose

Data collection for business purposes

No personal data needs to be shared to browse the web pages of ENOVENTUM Labs Kft.

Personal data of a customer (typically name, company name, e-mail address and phone number) is collected primarily during the initial contacts with our company, done typically over phone or e-mail. Further data collection is possible during subsequent business transactions. Personal data collection, regardless of its time and context, requires voluntary act of sharing of data. We will only use the collected data to interact with you and to deliver our services. We also minimize the set of collected data to the data only that is necessary to perform the activities above.

Data collection for web-analytics purposes

ENOVENTUM Labs Kft will collect, for web analytics purposes, information about your internet provider, about the pages you have visited and information shared by your browser. We use Googles Analytics service as the base for our web analytics activities. The data collected by the analytics service will be used solely for improving our web page. The nature of the data collection ensures your anonymity.

To learn more about the data privacy details of the Google Analytics service, please visit this page: Google Analytics – Safeguarding your data

Processing the personal data

ENOVENTUM Labs Kft. will treat the collected personal data privately and will not share it with 3rd parties for business or any other purposes.

Our company uses Googles cloud based IT services, therefore Google is our 3rd party data processor partner. You can find out more about Googles data protection and privacy principles at the following link: Google Privacy Policy

ENOVENTUM Labs Kft. provides you with the possibility to access, modify, delete the personal data collected about you and to change the terms of your consent. These operations must always initiated by you either via e-mail (please contact us at privacy@enoventum.com) or via postal services. Our company will honour these requests no later than 30 days from the type of request was received.

ENOVENTUM Labs Kft. will continue to use your personal data in accordance with this data privacy statement up to the point of deletion.


By voluntarily sharing personal data with us, you explicitly consent to ENOVENTUM Labs Kft. using that data for the purpose outlined in this privacy notice. With this consent you also agree to ENOVENTUM Labs Kft. utilizing the contact data for marketing purposes, such as newsletters, in order to share information with you about our services.