Our cloud migration services


Our cloud migration services


Key success factors in cloud migration

Benefit from our technical expertise and experience in managing actual migration tasks and minimize the risks related to cloud migration! Let us create a reliable cloud native foundation for innovation, scalability, and cost efficiency in your business journey.

Expertise and Experience

We possess extensive experience in executing cloud migrations across industries - they know what works and what doesn't.

Missed Details

Our company has the ability to spot details you might miss, ensuring a comprehensive migration without overlooking any critical elements.

Technical Assistance

Our company offers round-the-clock technical support, helping to resolve any issues swiftly and efficiently.

Risk Management

Our professionals can help you mitigate risks related to project execution, compliance, data management, security, etc more effectively.

Time and Resources

Relying on our experts allows your business to focus on its core competencies, saving significant time and resources.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Our professionals will provide training and support, enabling your team to navigate and manage the new cloud environment effectively.


Our end-to-end cloud migration services

Leverage our experience and expertise to minimize the migration risks

Private cloud delivery

For private or hybrid cloud setups, design, deploy and configure the cloud software onto the customer's local servers. Update the system software, often troubleshoot technical issues arising during deployment, and strengthen security posture of the software via security hardening steps.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Set up the necessary cloud infrastructure, such as virtual machines, storage resources, networks, accounts and security configurations. Configure networking components, establish connectivity between on-premises and cloud environments for hybrid setups if needed.

Application and Data migration

Execute the migration of applications and associated data to the cloud. This can involve rehosting or replatforming applications, transferring data and ensuring data integrity and consistency. Troubleshoot issues arising during migration.

Monitoring and Management

Establish monitoring and management tools and processes to monitor the performance, availability, and security of the migrated applications and infrastructure. Set up alerts, logging, and analytics mechanisms to ensure proactive monitoring and efficient management.

Testing and Validation

Perform thorough testing of migrated applications and data to ensure functionality, performance, and compatibility. Conduct integration testing, security testing, and user acceptance testing to validate the successful migration.

Training and Documentation

Provide training and documentation to empower teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate and manage the cloud environment effectively. This includes educating stakeholders on cloud best practices, security guidelines, and operational procedures.

Success stories

Join in discovering the problems our customers had once they completed migration and and get familiar with the optimization achievements!

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